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Can we use a Scripture Echo reading during a traditional Sunday morning worship service?
Absolutely.  Scripture Echo readings were first used at a very traditional Sunday morning worship service at a historic, downtown Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) service. 

Do you need any special experience or training to be a Scripture Echo reader?
Not at all.  Scripture Echo readers can be anyone who enjoys and feels comfortable reading Scripture aloud, and can follow the script clearly and jump right in with their lines. 

How should I choose Scripture Echo readers?

Consider the voices of people within your congregation.  If you think about the human voice as an instrument, which voices come to mind as those that are particularly  interesting, pleasing, melodic, articulate, etc.?  Approach these persons to see if they might be interested.  Those with a musical background (voice or instrumental) might find it easier to step into the flow of the Echo reading:  pausing, overlapping, increasing or decreasing volume, etc. 

How should we introduce a Scripture Echo reading within the worship service?

Each script has an introduction to the reading that can be used or adapted by one of the readers.  The introduction includes words about the Echo format and about the historical background of the passage itself.

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