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Scripture Echo seeks to provide resources for worship and spiritual formation that are creative, soul-nurturing and steeped in scripture.

Scripture Echo is non-denominational and provides resources to individual churches, retreat centers, etc. of all Christian denominations. Our background is that of the mainline Protestant tradition. It is our goal that all resources are respectful of one's invidivual theology and beliefs.

Please contact us. Let us know about your experience with Scripture Echo resources.  Your input will strengthen this ministry.  You may contact us at info@ScriptureEcho.com.

A Brief History of Scripture Echo:
In the late 1990s, as a Presbyterian pastor with occasional responsibility for worship planning, I was always on the lookout for a way that would bring a familiar passage of scripture alive to the listeners.  As a lover of poetry, I found that I was echoing the words of a psalm or other poetic portion of scripture back and forth in my mind.  I wondered how I could use a similar structure for a public reading.  In time, with much trial and some error, the idea of a “Scripture Echo” Reading came to life. 

At first, I created several Scripture Echo readings for use in my congregation, during a mid-week evening prayer service. Soon, I began to share the readings during the Sunday morning worship services (an informal service and a traditional service). The response was extremely positive.  I remember one woman saying, “You didn’t even have to preach a sermon after that scripture reading. That was like a sermon itself.” I received many comments early on that confirmed that the Scripture Echo Reading helps the listener to connect to the scripture passage in a fresh and dynamic way. Here are a few more:

“That almost put me to sleep – but in a good way!”

“I’ll be mulling over those words all week.”

“That scripture reading was wonderful! Did you write it?”

I am always quick to respond that I didn’t write the words, per se, because the words are simply scripture. I’ve just arranged them so that they are echoed back and forth by different voices.

Since I left that church, and have focused on a ministry of writing and spiritual direction, I have taken the Scripture Echo Readings into other churches, as well as retreat and small group settings, and into denomination gatherings and seminary communities. It is a privilege to share Scripture Echo Readings with others, and I am glad to have them available on our website, where they can be widely shared.

When I create each Scripture Echo Reading, I often sit in a sanctuary and allow the words to bounce back and forth in my mind. I imagine each voice as an instrument and the interplay of voices and of silence as sacred music. A finished script, to me, is like a musical score. I feel that these Scripture Echo arrangements have been given to me as gift that I am called to share.

Along the way, I have had much gratitude for those who have encouraged and assisted me with the development of Scripture Echo Readings. Foremost among them are:

Rila Hackett, who lends her voice, with all of its exquisite intensity, to each of the Echo recordings, and who helped to form this ministry from its beginning, as a sounding board and consultant.

Steve Puffer, our sound engineer, who patiently helps us wade through the recording process - www.parallelproductions.net

Dale Marx, my dear and talented husband, webmaster and supporter-extraordinaire of all my projects - www.marxart.com

Over the years, we have expanded Scripture Echo to include other resources for worship and spiritual formation. These resources all had their origin in actual ministry settings; they have now been finalized to share with others. Our signature resource, the Scripture Echo Reading, remains at the heart of our history and our ministry.

May the peace of Christ be with you…
The peace of Christ…

Tracey Marx
Scripture Echo

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