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Welcome to Lectionary Liturgy, providing online worship resources for a season's worth of Sundays. All liturgy is steeped in the Lectionary's scripture texts and immersed their themes, images and wording. Lectionary Liturgy can fit into any style of worship and can provide a supplement to your sermon focus on any of the four texts. Elements are also included for the season and any special Sunday focus.

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Each Edition Includes:

Each Lectionary Liturgy edition includes options for each of the following Traditional Worship Elements. Often 2 to 3 choices are given. This is not one set service, you can pick and choose what fits your worship environment best!

  • Prayer of Preparation (2 choices)
  • Call to Worship (3 or more choices, always including the psalm)
  • Opening Prayer / Prayer of Invocation (2 ore more choices)
  • Call to Confession (This element and the following two are written as a sequence. Often based on the epistle text.)
  • Prayer of Confession
  • Assurance of Pardon
  • Children's Message and Message Starters (3 or more choices)
  • Blessing of the Offering (2 choices)
  • Pastoral Prayer (often subtly interweaving words and themes from lectionary texts)
  • Charge & Benediction (3 or more choices)

(Some ideas are given to "non-traditionalize" your traditional liturgy. A creative approach, if respectful to the tradition, can often be quite welcome.)

And each Lectionary Litrugy also includes resources for Non-Traditional Worship, such as:

  • Scripture Prayer Litany
  • Dramatic Presentation of Scripture
  • Humorous Skit or Dramatic Monologue
  • A "Questioning" Approach to Difficult Texts
  • An Interspersed Prayer with a Hymn
  • Contemplative Congregational Practice
  • Interactive Worship Ideas
  • Creative Prayers and Litanies

Each Lectionary Liturgy edition also includes:

  • Moment of Quiet: Just for worship planners, including a blessing uniquely addressed to the challenges and joys of ministry, and a suggested way to pray.
  • Scripture Texts & Themes: A synopsis of each scripture text and some possible worship themes that emerge from each text (or from more than one text)
  • Breath-Praying the Lectionary: Breath Prayers from the weekly texts. Use during worship or invite your congregation to turn to this gentle way of praying throughout the week.
  • Making Connections: Suggestions for how to make connections with your congregation guided by lectionary texts and themes, in the realm of pastoral care, building community, involving children and youth in worship, devotions for staff and leadership meetings, and more.
  • A Glance in the Mirror: Take good care of yourself so that you can take good care of others. The last few words of the document are a gentle invitation for you to take a closer look at your life and ministry.

Style Overview:

  • All written in a creative style by Tracey Marx, former Presbyterian pastor and spiritual director, and writer of many Scripture Echo resources.
  • For weekly use in churches. Choose what elements fit your style.
  • Lectionary Liturgy uses the 4 "primary texts" of the Revised Common Lectionary each week.

Reactions to Lectionary Liturgy:

I just love the way you wrap liturgy together in one delightful gift package! Your words are a tapestry interwoven with ideas and themes for the various elements of worship that create an all embracing experience, an event with God! Thank you for the uplifting breadth and spiritual depth to worshiping God!
Rev. Chris Blackford, Wrightsville Presbyterian Church

I like the recognition of the importance of heart and spirit in the worship service (and preparation thereof), not just the head. While no resource will ever fully fit my aims in planning and leading worship in this congregation, your resource comes close (enough). I delightedly think of you as an invaluable "adjunct" staff member.
Craig French, Pastor
University United Methodist Church, Syracuse, New York

If, like me, youíve been looking for a worship resource that offers creative, practical, relevant and multi-sensory ideas for engaging the minds and hearts of your congregation, Lectionary Liturgy will likely become your number 1 choice. It has become my worship resource of choice for creating a worshipful, meaningful and interactive worship experience.
Rev. Monica Dawkins-Smith
Pastor, Salem United Church of Christ, Harrisburg

Your fresh words and suggestions have really been helpful. The wording is just creative enough to sound real without getting too artsy. And that is a real benefit. I have also appreciated that you offer worship suggestions to companion several of the liturgy texts. I often find that I am using a different text than a particular resource addresses and that is so frustrating. So, I like that you cover a lot of the bases.
Rebecca Fuchs, Pastor, Mountville Church of the Brethren

I really love how you have done Lectionary Liturgy. You developed the Genesis passage beautifully, used the Psalm effectively, and the Romans passage was a natural fit for reflection, prayer and pardon. I canít wait to see more!

Carol Pazdersky, Associate Pastor, Bel Air United Methodist Church

What a fantastic resource for leaders who work each week to create spaces for people to meet with God.

Dave Helmuth, Worship Coach
Ad Lib Music

As a solo pastor, without a worship planning team, I struggle to create a weekly, meaningful, focused, and aligned liturgy. Tracey listens carefully to the texts for the week and then crafts a powerful liturgy. As a part of her artistry, she gives a number of helpful participatory suggestions which heightens the worship experience for the congregation.
Charles W. Gross, Pastor, West Grove Presbyterian Church

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