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More Resources for Spiritual Formation
In addition to A Way to Pray and Taste and See, Scripture Echo provides other Spiritual Formation Resources that are creative, soul-renewing and steeped in scripture.   Scripture Echo Spiritual Formation resources seek to encourage and deepen the ways in which we connect with God.

"The Sound of Your Own Silence"

A 30 Day Retreat in the Midst of Life's Busyness

  • For Individuals or Groups
  • Optional Daily Email Encouragement Provided for Group Leader to Forward to Participants

Wouldn't it be nice to slip away from your busy life and take a 30 day silent retreat? Absolutely, but few of us can carve out that kind of time to be away. Instead, consider taking a 30 day "retreat" right in the midst of life's busyness. This resource offers a 30 day spiritual formation workbook/journal that will help you to claim silence every day, in different kinds of ways. Journaling exercises, questions for reflection, prayer ideas, and many suggestions for practicing silence are given.

Explore your relationship with silence. Find out what makes you anxious about silent space and what makes you more peaceful. Explore the gifts that can come as you are silent while those around you are speaking. Discover how unnecessary some of our speaking can be, and how we can "retreat" back into a blessed place of silence, as we do errands, attend meetings, and even eat a meal. You can choose any level of silence that fits your life and your needs; full silence or just few precious minutes a day, or anything in between.

Throughout the 30 days, you will be encouraged in three different areas:

Praying in Silence: Start with just five minutes twice a day, and work your way up to twenty minutes of sheer silence as prayer. Use other prayer methods to enter into silent prayer, where you rest in God's presence with no words at all.

Keeping Silence: In ways that are right for your unique life circumstances, explore different ways of "keeping silence," by refraining from speaking and diminishing the background noise around you.

Reflecting about Silence: Take time to think about and articulate what is happening for you throughout the 30 days.

A PDF Document will be sent to your email.

Choose any 30 days to participate -- in a row, or as you can find them.

Optional Email Encouragement for Groups:
Group leaders can opt to receive daily emails to keep handy to forward to participants. Emails begin a few days before the 30 day retreat, continue through the month and end a few days after. Emails will provide brief encouragement, prayer and blessings to stay with the "retreat" each day. Your group purchase includes one month of the email encouragement. After you order, an email will be sent to you asking whether you would like to choose this option. Emails are sent at one time to you, so that you can easily keep them handy to forward to participants.

 Individual Use: $30 
 Group Use: $120 

Group Use:
Includes permission to make and share electronic or actual copies of the PDFs for up to 50 participants.

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