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More Resources for Worship
In addition to Scripture Echo Readings and Lectionary Liturgy, Scripture Echo provides other resources for worship that are creative, soul-renewing and steeped in scripture. The landscape of worship is changing; lines between worship and spiritual formation are blurring. Scripture Echo Resources for Worship can enhance any worship style.

Autumn Worship Supplement
Autumn Worship Supplement:
Liturgy for the Season

Updated and expanded as of Fall 2017 - 93 pages

No matter what your worship style, this resource can help you to plan and lead creative, meaningful worship during the season of  autumn.  Includes materials for Back-to-School, Program Year Start, Remembering 9/11, Bible Presentation Sunday, World Communion, Children's Sunday, Reformation Sunday, All Saints' Day, Veterans Day and Election Day, the Sunday before/after Thanksgiving, and Christ the King Sunday.  Traditional worship elements are included, as well as Children’s Messages and Pastoral Prayer excerpts.  Additionally, creative, contemplative and interactive worship ideas will supplement any preaching focus.

(Lectionary Liturgy Customers -- No need to purchase this resource; it is included in your Autumn Season.) 


Faithful to God's Call:
A Reformation Drama

(A 20 minute drama for 3-4 adults and 2-10 or more youth.)


Two Confirmation Class students do “online” research and encounter three reformers – Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox. Each of the reformers teaches the students how they feel they have been uniquely faithful to God’s call. Includes a Reformation Litany for congregation use after the drama.

This format of the drama is the Presbyterian Version – mentioning John Calvin as the “Father of Presbyterianism” and John Knox as the one who created the denomination in Scotland. You can easily rework the drama to fit your tradition.


Liturgy for Reformation Sunday


Our Liturgy for Reformation Sunday contained in the Autumn Worship Supplement is now available for separate purchase. This 7 page resource contains ideas and suggestions for how to include special mention or focus of this day. Includes: Overall suggestions, opening liturgy, pastoral prayer excerpt and separate prayer, two Reformation Litanies.


Trusting Silence:
Contemplative Practices for Worship


Provide opportunity in worship for your congregation to approach God in ways that allow for a more spacious silence than our word-filled, music-filled, image-filled services.  Guided meditations, guided prayers, contemplative prayer methods are included.  All practices emerge from scripture’s wording and themes.


Liturgy for Traditional Worship

Volume 1: Ordinary Time

Includes liturgy from the following traditional categories: Prayer of Preparation, Call to Worship (litany and spoken), Opening Prayer, Prayer of Invocation, Prayer of Confession, Assurance of Pardon, Blessing of the Offering, Charge, Benediction -- creative (but not too creative!) and steeped in scripture's images images and themes. Appropriate for worship in Ordinary Time. Some gentle and respectful suggestions are given for ways to enliven your traditional service. 75 page PDF documents sent to your email in 3-5 days.


Prayer in the Midst:
Pastoral Prayers

Volume 1: Ordinary Time

In the midst of your service, in the midst of their lives, in the midst of community, a "Pastoral Prayer" or "Congregational Prayer" is central to most worship servies. Express the prayer joys and concerns of your church with creative, soul-soothing language. Each "Prayer in the Midst" provides space for you to add the unique joys and concerns of your community. 41 page PDF document sent to your email in 3-5 days.


"Silent Night: A Dramatic Reading for Christmas Eve"

3 Voices, 10 Minutes

Ideal for an late night worship service. 3 Voices present their separate stories of spiritual struggle on Christmas Eve, interspersed by a lone instrumental line from Silent Night. A busy mother. One experiencing spirtual emptiness. A former Christian, filled with doubt. This ten minute dramatic reading can be lengthened by adding silence for private meditation. Appropriate for Contemporary, Alternative or Contemplative Worship.


Word to the Children:
Creative Worship Messages

Volume 1: Ordinary Time

25 Children's Messages (And 25 more Children's Message Starters) that are creative, steeped in scripture and fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Some with no prep time, some with just a bit. Some with a prop or two, some without. All use kid-friendly accessible language that you can use directly or change to fit your style and your approach. 52 page PDF document sent to your email in 3-5 days.


Unless otherwise indicated, resources are written by Tracey Marx. Questions? Additional needs? Let us know.

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