Scripts Include:
  • The scripture passage in its entirety

  • An Introduction to Scripture Echo readings

  • 12 Suggestions for Reading

  • An Outline for A Rehearsal

  • Questions for Personal Reflection

  • A key to the Script Markings (indentation, italics, bold, etc.)

  • An Introduction to the reading (for use in worship)

  • The Echo Reading itself (in a large font and widely-spaced, with page turns at section breaks)

NOTE: Scripture Echo scripts have a continually evolving format, to make them as user-friendly as possible. We value feedback and will incorporate helpful suggestions and address any difficulties that arise. Because of this process, we want to take a last minute look at each script, before it is sent to you. This usually will take between one and five business days. Thanks for your patience, as you await the arrival of your Scripture Echo worship script in your email in-box.

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