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Food choices, body image, exercise inclinations and resistance -- all of these are ongoing daily struggles for many of us. Taste and See resources are a gentle, respectful and prayerful way to invite God into this important area of our lives.

Taste and See:
Prayer Practices to Accompany Your Weight Loss Journey

Invite prayer into your ongoing struggle toward a healthier body. Taste and See: Prayer Practices to Accompany Your Weight Loss Journey helps you to integrate your spiritual life with your physical goals.

12 Prayer Practices are introduced in this 175 page document, available as a downloadable PDF document. Each chapter describes the prayer practice, then provides guidance and suggestions for how you might make the practice your own.

Some Taste and See Prayer Practices are contemplative. Some are creative. Some are both. Some prayers are for when you are still. Some are for when you are active. Some can work either way. Prayers can be used during a five minute break, or can take much longer, if you have the time. Some prayers can be prayed in the moment, when you are in need. Use one Prayer Practice each week for 12 weeks, or take them at your own pace, choosing the ways to pray that fit you uniquely.

All prayers seek to rely on God to provide the courage, focus and discipline we require to make good food and exercise choices every day. Many suggestions and ideas are given to make the prayer practices fit you and your needs.

Taste and See:
Prayer Practices to Accompany Your Weight Loss Journey

  • Chapter 1: Breath Prayer
  • Chapter 2: Release Prayer
  • Chapter 3: Praying our Resistance
  • Chapter 4: Interspersed Prayer
  • Chapter 5: Praying through Temptation
  • Chapter 6: Creative Journalling
  • Chapter 7: Praying our Excuses
  • Chapter 8: Gratitude Prayer
  • Chapter 9: Dialogue Prayer
  • Chapter 10: Praying our Emotions
  • Chapter 11: Body Prayer
  • Chapter 12: Prayer of Review

Taste and See
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Sharing the Journey
We highly recommend sharing this journey with a weight loss buddy or small group, and offer the following discounts:

• Use by two Weight Loss Buddies: $75 (Save 20%)

 Weight Loss Buddy Use: $75 

• Small Group Use $245 (Save over 50%)

Up to 12 Participants.

 Small Group Use: $245 

Reactions from Taste & See Customers:

• This is the very resource I need to remind me that prayer is a part of everything I do. It is even a part of the choices I make on a daily basis. The daily reminders are wonderful ways to keep God's part on this difficult journey first and foremost!

• I love inviting the God who loves me just as I am into this walk where we explore together how to make this journey do-able. God is much more interested in helping me discover why I choose food to satisfy the longing of my heart -- instead of the arms of God. Taste and See is helping me allow God to be a more tangible presence.

• I found that trying to combine what I sometimes still think of as separate parts of my life, my weight and food and body issues with my prayer life was really healthy. I felt you really "get it" about the kinds of things I struggle with. I would recommend it highly for anyone trying to put the spiritual and the physical together.

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