Reactions to Scripture Echo Readings

If you want to grab people’s attention, try a Scripture Echo.  If you want to present the Bible in a way that can’t be ignored, try a Scripture Echo. Scripture Echoes are one of the ways we tell “the old, old story” in new and creative ways.

Scripture Echo readings, by their very nature, force us to pause and hear familiar scripture passages in a new way.  By slowing the reading down, mixing in a variety of voices, and repeating or “echoing” key words and phrases, this type of scripture reading captures our attention and helps the passage come to life.

Scripture Echoes are a little like jazz music.  Some people love jazz, some people don’t, everyone is challenged by it.  Hearing a jazz version of a familiar hymn brings new life to it; Scripture Echoes do the same for beloved Bible passages.

Jeffrey Gibelius, Senior Pastor
Second Presbyterian Church, Carlisle PA
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"Scripture Echoes allow our voices to intermingle and flow, sometimes slowly with emphasis or boldly with expression.  At other times, it is driven or joyful with repeats, stops, and diminishing resonance.  The beauty of the words, the sounds, is an experience and becomes a worshipping event for all who are present.  Participating in a scripture echo is like embracing scripture intimately with all the excitement that comes from truly listening for God in the moment.  Thank you for creating this moment in time!"

Chris Blackford, Pastor
Wrightsville Presbyterian Church

For almost 40 years, I've known that the Bible is the Word of God. When I'm walking in the desert, though, sometimes I can't seem to find the springs of living water that I know are there. My first experience of Scripture Echo came in the midst of just such a desert time in my life. As the words of the passage echoed around and within me, God spoke comfort to my soul for the first time in many months, and refreshed me with living water once again.

Since that day, I've had the privilege of introducing Scripture Echo to my Mennonite congregation and to many others across a variety of denominations. They often have the same sort of experience that I did, hearing the voice of God afresh as they encounter the Scriptures in this powerful way. I have described it as "a form of spoken lectio divina," a practice of worship and prayer through which God can plant the Word deeply within us and cause us to bear fruit for the Kingdom of God. I recommend it highly!

Laurie Mellinger
Evangelical Theological Seminary, Myerstown, PA

"I found the Scripture echo readings to be a very creative way of reading and engaging our sacred Scriptures. It invites the listeners to hear familiar Scriptures in new ways which illumine aspects of the Scripture not previously engaged or noticed. It bears similarity to the ancient spiritual practice of lectio divina which makes it ideal for use with a wide range of people: lay and clergy, new believers and mature believers, young and old.

As pastors, we're always looking for creative ways to engage our parishioners in vibrant and meaningful worship which engages both the mind and heart. I believe Scripture echoes gives us a new, practical and easy to use option."

Monica Dawkins-Smith, Pastor
Salem United Church of Christ, Harrisburg PA

"Thanks so much!  We have found scripture echo to be very effective when practiced carefully.  You do a beautiful job of creating it!"

Pam Reist, Pastor
Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren

"This echo reading brings the text to life in an incredibly powerful way!  I am deeply moved by the power of this scripture reading methodology.  Thank-you for your passion and heart and spiritual depth in writing this echo.  I highly recommend the use of this type of scripture reading in worship!  It will improve your sense of hearing the voice of the Lord!  Additionally, it will breathe the life of the scriptures into your soul."

Randy Riggs, Senior Pastor
First Presbyterian Church, Lancaster PA

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