Scripture Echo Readings

Our signature resource, the Scripture Echo Reading, is an arrangement of scripture verses where the words echo one another.

Scripture Echo readings can be used in any worship setting, from a Sunday morning worship service (contemporary or traditional) to an informal retreat, to a small group devotion.

Each Scripture Echo reading has parts for two or more voices (usually three). One voice reads a small section of the scripture passage. Then, words and phrases from that section are echoed back and forth by all the voices. Then another section is read and echoed. This format is repeated throughout the passage. The words are interwoven and played against one another with key phrases recurring.

Words used in the Scripture Echo reading are all from scripture; nothing has been added, simply repeated. Reading scripture in this format opens us to hear God speaking to us in a new way by allowing the words and images to cascade through our minds and hearts.

Scripts are ready for use in worship. The scripts have been carefully written and rehearsed to make scripture come alive in the spoken voice; and the scripts include helpful extras. There are many scripture passages available in Scripture Echo form for you to quickly order and easily use. Scripture Echo offers its help to you for meaningful worship, so please let us answer your questions and feel free to contact us. Consider signing-up for our

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