A Rehearsal

As with any public reading of scripture, it’s best to
practice.  For the most effective reading, you’ll want to set aside about an hour.  Choose one person (other than the three readers) to function as a director, who can listen to the interplay of the voices and make suggestions after each run-through.  We found that reading it through four times was usually sufficient and was a good stopping point in terms of time and energy.  When the Scripture Echo will be used in an informal retreat or small group setting, reading the script through twice should be sufficient.  Here is a suggested format for the rehearsal:
  • Give the scripts to each reader ahead of time, so everyone can familiarize themselves with the passage and with the Scripture Echo arrangement.   Suggest that each reader take some time to think through the Questions for Personal Reflection.  Then, gather together in the place where you will be reading, if possible, and a day or so ahead of time. 
  • Have someone read the un-echoed scripture passage aloud in its entirety, and follow with a  prayer for God’s guidance, using this prayer or your own:

O God, be with us as we prepare to share your word.  Help our voices give expression to all that you would like to share with those who will be listening.  We give you praise, Lord, for your word and for its life-changing power for each of us.  Amen

  • Read together through the script for the first time, becoming familiar with the movement of the voices.
  • Read through a second time, stopping after each section to share feedback about how it went and to give suggestions for a smoother reading.   Then repeat that section until it sounds just like you want it to.  Stop as often as you need to, to redo a section that didn’t seem to flow correctly. 
  • Read through a third time, straight through without stopping.  If there are any errors, just keep going as you would if an error happened in the worship service.  Afterwards, have each person share feedback.
  • Read through a final time, this time standing in the places that you will be in for the service and with any microphones that will be used.   
  • Close with prayer. 

Thank you, Lord, for being present with us today.  What a privilege it is to read Scripture and to share your word with others.  May our reading bring you glory.  Amen

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